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Mission & Vision

Our K-8 Professional Learning Community Culture will provide our children with coherent and cohesive interdisciplinary curricula that include the Sciences and the Arts (STEAM) delivered through research-based teaching and learning practices. We believe the foundation for academic success is achievable through 

Staff knowing the individual needs of our students

Staff providing each student with the resources s/he needs to grow and develop into active learners

Both students and parents being active participants who take ownership for learning

The school community providing the resources and opportunity to ensure that each student is prepared for his/her next educational level

At PS/IS 30, The Mary White Ovington School, we ensure a safe and secure school environment dedicated to teaching Respect for ALL and developing strong, conscientious, caring, and resourceful students. The Positive Behavior Intervention Support program (PBIS), driven by our core values (ROAR), will embed in our students a sense of pride and respect for oneself, each other, and the community. 

We believe that active parental involvement plays a major role in students' achievement; our students do best when parents are involved. We believe that our students should be active members in our school and surrounding community by partnering with community-based organizations and participating in service learning to encourage development, responsibility, and accountability.

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