COVID School Schedule

Two in-person cohorts, one remote.
• Groups A and B will be remote on Mondays.
• In-person 2 days and remote for 2 days (Model 1B).
Group A, Group B: in-person learning on two consistent days per week; remote learning for non-in person days.
Group D: remote every day; consists of students
who opt out of in-person instruction.

Blended Learning


PS/IS 30

The Mary White Ovington School


P.S. / I.S. 30 Mary White Ovington 

7002 4th Avenue  Brooklyn, NY 11209 (main)

415 Ovington Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11209 (annex)

P: 718-491-8440  F: 718-491-8445 (main)

P: 718-491-5684  F: 718-491-0071 (annex)

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