Middle School Application Now Open

The middle school application is now available. This means that:  

Families who have created a MySchools account in the parent portal may explore their personalized MS application and submit choices.  

Last Day to Apply for Kindergarten is 1/19/21

As a reminder, the deadline for families to apply to Kindergarten is January 19, 2021. Families can apply via MySchools.nyc, or over the phone at 718-935-2009.

If you have any questions, email us at esenrollment@schools.nyc.gov



Prospective Parents & Students

Fill out the following forms:


PS/IS 30

The Mary White Ovington School


P.S. / I.S. 30 Mary White Ovington 

7002 4th Avenue  Brooklyn, NY 11209 (main)

415 Ovington Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11209 (annex)

P: 718-491-8440  F: 718-491-8445 (main)

P: 718-491-5684  F: 718-491-0071 (annex)

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